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The Robusto

A perfect size for smoking when you have a bit of time.

One of The Best


Kevin (Founder) & Keya (Brand Ambassador)

Season 1 Episode 28

The Smoke Podcasts

On The Smoke podcast, we’ll talk about cigars, liquor, weed, wine, heck we will talk about anything and give The Smoke to any deserving person. The podcast is hosted by Fabian, Kimberly, and Ike.

On this episode, we had Kevin (The Founder) & Keya (The Brand Ambassador) from Konscious Cigars on the show.


Konscious Cigars

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The History and Development


“He has absolutely no desire to fit in” ….yet still he gravitates towards an industry populated with the idea & platform that constructive networking and ass-kissing gives you wings. His intricately designed feathers however are steeped within the rich tradition of Maat..(so forget about the kissing of ass)…known to provide the flight of truth, balance and order to “All Things Living”…..and now….in this season of migration….”All Things Cigars”.


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